Wir bieten Bands und Musikern eine kreative Umgebung um ihren einzigartigen Sound zu entwickeln. Aufnahme, Mixing, Produktion und Mastering: das Blackstone Tonstudio ist ein Ort zum Experimentieren mit Klängen und Erschaffen von neuen Soundwelten.

Im Vordergrund steht immer die intensive Auseinandersetzung mit dem jeweiligen Projekt, egal ob es sich um etablierte Bands oder Newcomer handelt. Alle Aufnahmen werden mit absolut hochwertigem Equipment, mit viel Liebe zum Detail angefertigt. Neben moderner digitaler Technik ist es möglich 100% analog aufzunehmen. Wir haben eine professionelle 16 Spur Bandmaschine und können auch den fertigen Mix auf unsere Telefunken Stereo Maschine aufzeichnen.

Mit zwei getrennten Studios realisieren wir umfangreiche Projekte mit Fokus auf Bands und Artists aus dem Bereich Alternative.



We offer the full range of audio services. From recording live in the studio, in depth production to mixdown and mastering. We will help to find your sound and bring your songs to life.

Whether it’s with an established band or a newcomer, every project begins with a conversation. Every step in the production is made with the best equipment and every project is done with a great love for detail.


Whether you want to record live with a full band, do a step by step production or want to record some parts at home or your own studio.

Together we will find the best solution to bring your music to life.

Our studio has an array of modern digital equipment, tape machines, analog outboard, quality mics, and vintage and classic amps, effects, pedals, and instruments to create 100% analog recordings, fully digital productions, or any combination of equipment and techniques to best suit a band or musician’s desired sound, recording, and production needs.

Analog Production

We make 100% analog productions for those interested in the sound and process of pre-digital studio recordings. We have a professional 16-Track Tape Machine for live recordings and mix/master on our Telefunken Stereo Machine. We provide a master specially optimized to be pressed on to Vinyl.

The sound of tape doesn’t need to be retro or vintage. In fact it sounds fantastic in combination with modern production techniques. To record on tape can even safe time because tacks and options are limited. Artist and producer need to make decisions instead of keeping all options open and collect dozens of tracks. Check your music collection, probably a lot of your all-time favourite records have been produced on a tape machine.


Mixing is where all the recordings come together to build the final song. It is an important task to bring the sound to another level and provide the best sound possible for each song. It doesn’t matter if you recorded at our studio or somewhere else, we will take good care of the individual tracks and do whatever is needed to make them sound good.If necessary we do further editing like pitch correction, drum replacement, correction of timing or even do reamping of DI recorded guitars and bass. However these are not typical mixing tasks and need to be discussed.

We accept Pro Tools, Cubase/ Nuendo sessions or consolidated files with start at zero. Do not convert sample rate or bit depth. Mark every track and clean out all unwanted tracks. Also provide a rough mix even if it doesn’t sound good.


Mastering is the last step before the song can be released. Usually the finished mix needs some extra punch and shine to stand out between a vast amount of releases every day.

We take good care to do some correction and bring in transparency, loudness, depth, warmth and punch without changing the original character of your mixes at very reasonable prices.

No matter what music genre, with many years of experience and the appropriate analogue and digital equipment, we bring the sound of your single or album to the next level.

Our Staff

  • Singer and multi instrumentalist, Johanna Lynn is a highly skilled composer, arranger and producer for acoustic, classical and film music.Johanna Lynn has a great sense for harmonies, space and balance and complex acoustic arrangements. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Theatre and is a professional performer. You can also hire her as a vocal coach and voice over artist.

    Johanna Lynn Blackstone
  • Jamie Collier is a very talented musician and producer and more specialized in sensitive, quiet acoustic music. His arrangements are incredibly beautiful. He is also our man for recording on other locations. He is available to come to you to record with a compact digital setup. Perfect for musicians who wish to record in their own comfortable space or pianos and other instruments that stay at home. Jamie has 15 years experience and usually works from his own mix room. Jamie is originally from New Zealand.

    Jaime Collier
  • Originally from the US now based in Berlin Reuben has over 20 years experience recording, producing, composing and performing music of many kinds in many formats. From Roots to Rock to Experimental and Electronic, from Analog to Ableton, what matters is capturing something true. With Reuben you can always be sure to get something extraordinary.

    Reuben David
  • Gerrit is founder and owner of Blackstone Studios. He started his career in the mid 90’s when music was still recorded on tape and musicianship was a task. After assisting in some well known studios with some well known bands he decided to work as freelance producer, sound engineer, mixing and mastering engineer. Gerrit has a degree from the Liverpool Institute for performing Arts UK (founded by Sir Paul McCartney) and worked on countless records. His specialty is a fat, warm sound and he loves tape machines and analog equipment.

    Gerrit Haasler

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